Wado-Ryu Master Class

Dento Kobudo Kai, in association with BIKO will present a Wado-Ryu Master Class series for higher grades and instructors. The First Master Class is planned for 22 November 2015 in Reading

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Instruction on these Wado-Ryu Master Classes will be presented by very senior grade Japanese Instructors and high grade British Instructors that are the elder statesmen of Wado-Ryu. If you are a Wado-Ryu high grade or club instructor, then where do you go for tuition, other than a Kyoshi or Hanshi Grade.

Many club instructors have developed independently and achieved time served upgrades. They have relied upon analysing their karate whilst teaching. Whilst this method of improvement is fine, for many of them it has been many years before they actually took instruction or correction themselves. Whilst many have achieved good results along with their students in competition, they may wish to glean the knowledge of the complete Wado-Ryu Karate System. Some senior dan grades practice Tanto Dori and the Wado-Ryu Idori, however this advanced part of the syllabus is often not practiced except by the more traditional clubs.

Many instructors that have not trained under more senior grades have even lost touch with the ten Kihon Kumite and the Traditional Kata that form the basic foundation of the Wado-Ruy Karate System. It does not take long for mistakes in Kata to be transferred to other students in a club, and eventually believing that they are practicing a different variation of the kata.

Whilst there are three main variants of Wado, the Old Suzuki (UKKW Type), the all Japan Wado Kai Type, and the Grand Masters Wado-Ryu and Wado Academy Type. Other variants have also developed, like Higashi under Shihan Peter Spanton.

The purpose of the Master Class is to bring together invited senior grades and club instructors to examine the Wado Kata, Bunkai and Kumite gata of which there are 36. Also the opportunity to practice the Tanto Dori, Idori, and Wado-Ryu Jujisu for those that wish to engage in the academic study of this advanced part of the syllabus. The master class will also cover the basic Ten Kihon Kumatie.

The Master Class will normally be by invitation only, and there are no training fees. However any Club Instructor and Wado Dan Grades can apply to take part in these classes.

Please contact us for details and location. You can email us using our contact form, or call 07956 374927

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