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Traditional Old Martial Arts Club

Dento Kobudo Kai is a group of very senior martial arts practitioners. Many of them have trained since the 1970's under some of the top Japanese and Okinawan Masters. This group have maintained their Japanese links and tradition. Many of the senior instructors have trained in Karate, Swordsmanship, Okinawan Weapons, jiujitsu and traditional old japanese weapons (Ko-Ryu). These instructors have participated and won trophies in many competitions over the years, and now teach the traditional fighting arts with a balance of combative and philosophy, and spiritual training.

The group are members of the British Institute of Karate Organisation (BIKO). This organisation aspires to be an institute for excellence in competition karate, traditional karate and ancillary weapons. BIKO has produced a number of national and international fighters and referees.

Dento Kobudo Kai run clubs in the Watford and Slough areas and other associated venues. The chief instructor has created a small private dojo, that is used by various instructors for private training to the highest levels of the arts they practise including the Okuden Waza (secret teachings)

Dento Kobudo Kai instructors regularly visit other clubs to demonstrate and teach these arts to the highest levels. Instructors from other clubs come and train with us in the various arts we practice. Dan grades in these arts are obtainable through Dento Kobudo Kai.

Dento Kobudo Kai concentrates mainly on adults. We do not teach juniors unless they are higher grades from another club. Our training is in fast effective hard hitting karate, and traditional weapons arts.

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